Where is Phu Quoc Island and what can you do there?

Where is Phu Quoc Island and what can you do there?

Phu Quoc Island is in the Gulf of Thailand. It is about 45 kilometres from mainland Vietnam and only about 4 kilometres away from Cambodia. This is an island district that is made up of 28 islands and Phu Quoc is the largest of them all.

Relax on the Beach

Vietnam’s best beaches are found in Phu Quoc. All these years, this island has been kept hidden from tourists and now it is gaining popularity for its beauty. Since it was practically hidden from the world, there are untouched spots and virgin beaches that have not yet been bombarded or raided by tourists. Dirt roads have quiet and long stretches of beach on one side and dense jungle on the other. Crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches make the best relaxing spots for your vacation.

Thoi Island

Here you will find a tropical coral reef. The population here is sparse. The beach and its waters resemble a paradise lost and just discovered.

Fun Beach activities

For the adventure lovers, Phu Quoc offers a variety of water activities such as deep sea diving, snorkelling. The best time to indulge in these activities is from November to March. You can also take boat trips on the sea and enjoy the warm sun.

Tranh Stream

When rain falls - which is often during May to October, you may find yourself stuck at your resort or bungalow. In these times, visit the Tranh Stream that will impress and intrigue you with its rapids and waterfalls. You can follow a wild trail and end up at the waterfalls. This area is one of the highlights of Phu Quoc islands when it is the rainy season. The stream runs dry during other times of the year.



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