Battle of Bazentin Ridge: 14–17 July 1916

Battle of Bazentin Ridge: 14–17 July 1916

The Battle of Bazentin Ridge represents the beginning of the second part of the Battle of the Somme. It was launched by the British 4th Army on 14 July 1916. The Germans positions were held by the 3rd Guard Division. At 3:20 a.m. the British started bombarding German lines. After the bombardment, the first wave of British infantry wave has begun. They should eliminate German’s trenches. However, the trenches were defended by the machine guns and rifles. 

On the right, there was 7th Division. On the left, was 21st Division. The 7th Division was faced with many Germany trenches. In the center, the 3rd Division had many problems. The Germans’ defensive barrage hit the supporting waves. During this battle, the 7th Division lost 8 officers and 200 with lower ranks killed. The 18th Division, captured Trônes Wood. General Friedrich Bertram Sixt von Armin ordered his troops to hang on. He took control over the front Longueval–Ancre the morning after the attack. 

The 4th Army failed to take control over the High Wood. They will need 2 months in order to capture it. The reason why the British had many problems capturing the High Wood were Switch Lines. They were also known as ‘’switch trenches’’. 

The British had severe losses. They lost 9.194 soldiers. 2.894 of them were from the 21st Division, 2.819 were from 7th division, 2.322 from the 3rd Division and 1.159 from the 9th Division. The British had at their disposal 5 divisions. On the other side, the Germans lost 2.300 soldiers. 1.400 of them were captured. The Germans had a strength of 12 Reserve, 3 Guard and 183. Divisions.

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