How did the French arrive in Louisiana?

How did the French arrive in Louisiana?

Each state in the United States has influences from different parts of the world. Louisiana is today one of the most diversified states in the country, but everything started from a small French expedition.

Until the 17th century, Europeans did not choose to settle in  Louisiana because it was quite difficult to get there across the Mississippi River. When they finally established a way of getting through by river boats, the France began expeditions with settlers knowing that the state will have an important religious and commercial role.

In 1682 the region received the name of Louisiana from the explorer Robert Cavelier, who wanted to honor King Louis XIV of France. More than 10 years later, the first permanent settlement was established by Pierre Le Moyne d’lberville, who was a military officer. He dreamed about making this one of the best regions of the country, and his ambitions motivated those who came after him years later.

The territory was divided between French colonies, since each officer and general wanted to have complete control over their portion of the region. They established borders and rules and very often they had real conflicts about who should take a certain part of the forest. Years passed before they could reach to an agreement, and eventually the territories were united to create the state that we can see today.

Each part of the country has a fascinating history, and you need time to discover and find out more about it. Nowadays, you can still see in indications of the old French influence.


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